Campground Rules

We have established some rules in order that your stay with Pinecreek Campground will be a pleasant one.

  1. There is only one camping unit allowed per site.  This includes tents (one per site). If you have an RV and you want to pitch a tent for the kids (as an example), you must get permission from the office.
  2. Parking  -  one vehicle per site. No exceptions. If you have more than one vehicle, please inform the office and park one of them at the designated parking area by the office or campground.
  3. Site fees are for registered campers only, and includes up to four (4) people per site. Every additional person, whether adult or child, is $5.00 per person per day.  
  4. Please build fires in the fire-rings provided at each site and never leave the fire unattended.  Please do not move the fire-rings to a different area.
  5. Please keep your campsite clean of debris, garbage, and litter of any kind.  Dispose of any remaining garbage prior to checkout.
  6. Use of alcoholic beverages is restricted to your site.
  7. Minors must be at their site by 9:00PM. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult in all areas of the campground. Conduct, behavior, and control of children are the parents’ responsibility.
  8. Quiet time  -  All noisy activity (music, revelry, loud voices, etc.) must cease by 10PM. You are welcome to continue to enjoy your campfire conversation after 10PM but it cannot bother other campers.
  9. RV sites shall be kept neat and clean without an excess of accumulated items visible to other guests.
  10. Please observe site boundaries.


1.   Pinecreek campers have the privilege of sharing the campground with their guests under the        
      following terms and conditions.
2.   Day guests visiting a camper must report to the office. They will be charged $ 5.00 per person                       
      or $8.00 per car and must leave by 8:00 PM or their host will be charged an additional   
      $5.00/person per night.
3.  All overnight guests will be charged $5.00 per person per night.
4.  No visitors will be admitted after 8:00 PM.
5.  Any camper or guest that willfully or through negligence defaces or destroys property or
     equipment of the campground, or that of another camper or guest, will be held responsible for
     full value thereof.


1. There is no use of water to wash any equipment, vehicle, RV, filling pools of any size, or to run       
    sprinklers.  This rule is strictly enforced to conserve water, and violators will be asked to leave.
2.  The speed limit is 5 MPH. Please keep your speed down for the safety of all residents including  
     children and pets.
3.  Our restrooms and showers are reserved for registered campers of Pinecreek Campground.
4.   No camper of Pinecreek Campground shall offer for rent, or rent, his or her RV.
5.  The sale of any RV while on campground property will carry with it a 5% commission       
      payable to Pinecreek Campground.
6.  The dump station is free for all campers and the key is available at the office.  Off the road   
     sewer dumping is $ 20.00.
7.  A dumpster is provided for your kitchen garbage only (No TV sets, lawn chairs, clothing etc.).
     Do not use our dumpsters for offgrounds trash. There is another smaller dumpster marked for all
     recyclables => plastics, newspapers, glass, and cardboard.  Please use the bins accordingly.
8.  Campers and guests use the facilities at Pinecreek at their own risk. 
9.  Treman LLC, dba Pinecreek Campground, is not responsible for the loss, injury or damage to the  
     persons or property of campers or to their guests.
10. There is a Reservation/Storage Fee of $300 per site that is due before the campground closes in
     October.  If there is anything left on site, the fee still applies.  Campers must have their own
11. There is an additional fee for storage of an RV, Boat or vehicle. Please see the office for details
       on fees and storage locations.                    
12. Seasonal tenants shall not operate a private business on Pinecreek Campground property.
13. Please read the separate sheet regarding rules for the swimming pool.


1. The most important pet issue for Pinecreek is the breed. Aggressive breeds are not allowed due to  
    Insurance reasons. Those include: Rotweillers, Pit Bulls, Doberman Pincers, American Bull
    Dog, Boxer, Cane Corso, Chow,German Sheppard, Staffordshire Terrier, Presa Canairos,
    Mastiff, Husky, Akita, Malamute, Samoyed, Siberian or any combination thereof (mutts). 
2. All pets are to be kept on a leash any time the animal is outside the owner’s camper.    Please
    clean up after your dog.  Pets are prohibited from entering any of the campground buildings or 
    the pool area.


1. There will be a cancellation charge of $ 25.00 for all confirmed RV, trailer, or tent reservations.  
    There is a one night charge for cancellation of a reservation for any of our rental units.  We  
    do not give refunds for early departures or Holiday weekend reservation cancellations.
2. Inform office of visitors, deliveries, requests to alter a site, missing picnic table or fire ring, or any  
    potentially hazardous condition.